Hi, my name is Lindsey!  I grew up in a small town in Illinois but in the last few years I’ve come to call Baltimore, Maryland home.  I’m always out and about because there is so much to do here.  I’m a foodie so I love going out to eat and trying new places but I also really like to cook.  Everyone I know is always asking me what is going on in the area, what should they do, where should they eat?  “You should write a blog!”  I hear it a lot so now I can finally say, “I do!”.  This blog might be all over the place with food, fun, etc., but I hope it will also serve as a good resource for those looking to fill their time in Baltimore.


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Made with ♥ in Baltimore

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Martin Adams says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    how do I send you an item for your “whats on” list? The Fells Point Corner theater is currently putting on a production of the Elephant Man which has been very well reviewed. http://www.fpct.org/ There are performances every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 2nd. I would be happy to write a paragraph for you if you like.




  2. Karen Tozzi says:

    Hello! any chance you could set up a mailing list and have this blog sent to one’s email when it’s posted? [or is there a way to do that i am not aware of?]


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