La Food Marketa: A Delicious Addiction

Just thinking about what I am going to write already has me salivating. Today I’m going to talk to you about one of my new favorite places to eat, La Food Marketa. Yes friends, it is worth the trek out to Pikesville and there is always plenty of parking. I’ve been there to eat at least 7 times since they opened and I have no shame in admitting it. In fact, it would probably be more if I had less self-control. Mr. Meat and Potatoes is OBSESSED with it. He is by far the worst influence when it comes to where we choose to eat because he picks La Food Marketa every time. Now I’m going to give you some food porn, just a sampling of all the tasty things we’ve eaten so far. Don’t get comfortable though, they change the menu constantly so items you like are always leaving but no fear, they are replaced by new delicious things.

Step one when going to La Food Marketa? Order the chips and queso. I read a review that didn’t even mention the chips and was aghast. How could they leave off mention of the chips? They are perfectly crispy and thin bites of heaven! But beware because once you order them you fall in love and then you want to order them every time but you fill up on chips and end up not having room for anything else on the menu. Secret hint: Even though it is no longer on the menu you can order the Bandito Box which comes with queso, guacamole, salsa, and pico.

Step two is a delicious cocktail!  My favorite is to get a pitcher of strawberry mojitos but you might want to bring a friend along to help.  There is nothing sadder than being the only one at the table who wants mojitos.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.  So far there have been no bad beverage experiences here!

Sometimes you just want to start out with a small plate and move on to large dishes.  I have a hard time with this because I want all of the small plates.  The Poutino is unique and delicious.  I’ve ordered it a few times and it helped me get over a wicked hangover on New Year Day.  The Fish Taco Dip is another excellent choice and it comes with chips!  Depending on the time of year you can get street corn or street cauliflower, you can’t go wrong with either.  The only dish I didn’t love was the tuna, too much olive oil for me.  19/20 dishes ordered were enjoyed so I call that a success.

If you saved plenty of room then you move on to the Big section of the menu.  As you can see, we never really make it that far.  The Hamburguesa is another creative dish.  It’s a ground beef patty inside a cheese tortilla with all the burger fixins’ on the side.  Another tasty dish is the Beef Tenderloin Tostada.  Obviously, you can see we must go back because Mr. Meat and Potatoes has yet to try the duck and you know how much he loves duck.  I have my eye on the Gringo Pizza for next time, it’s going to happen.  Oh and when in doubt, tacos!

Did I tell you they also have brunch?  Lots of those tasty Small and Big plates are available during their brunch which is offered 3 days a week: F, Sa, and Su.  Now not only do you have to choose from all those offerings but add some breakfast plates in there too.  I’m a big fan of the Sunken Crab Burrito which is part of the Lunchies menu.  Mr. Meat and Potatoes loves the Mexican Chocolate Pancakes.  Trying to keep your resolution of losing a little weight?  Go for the Fitatta.  It doesn’t make you feel like you are missing out at all!  Nursing a hangover?  The Steak Omelette may be your cure.  Brunch will never leave you feeling hungry or disappointed.

So you made it through the multitude of food options and still have room for dessert?  That is quite the accomplishment.  The one dessert you must try before all others is the Crazy Banana Milkshake.  A mexican chocolate milkshake mixed with bananas, drizzled in caramel, and rolled in cornflakes and popcorn.  It is crazy good and you would be crazy not to order it.  Another reason why I have to go back?  I’ve seen the Cinnamon Nachos and Cheesecake walk past my table and also the Stolen Dessert.  I will keep you posted because it is only a matter of time before we return.

La Food Marketa is a delicious addiction.  My husband is my enabler.  Even as I told him I was writing this he told me not to mention its name unless we were going there right now.  It’s too hard for him to think of La Food Marketa and not be instantly rewarded with going there.  As I eat my healthy home-cooked meal tonight I’ll be cheating on it in my mind… thinking of the chips…..


– Lindsey

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