Things to do in Baltimore this week 10/24/21

I’m at the beach so I don’t have time to make a full post but please see one of the below theatre productions! I’ll be going to Monster World: Zoo Quest and The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend and I can’t wait!

October 5 – October 31
Everyman Theatre
This is a story of overcoming tremendous odds. Four Black female pioneers, American Homesteaders, settle together in the all-Black town of Nicodemus, Kansas at the turn of the 19th Century. Trying to build better lives for their families, they work their own land and forge forward against often harsh and unforgiving circumstances.
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Everyman_FLYIN WEST_0

Scharf’s Schorts. . . an evening of 8 short plays!
October 22 – November 7
Spotlighters Theatre
Monument: What are the things one leaves behind that matter? How much of what we do is part of us? In MONUMENT, a conversation between a roofer with a personality on overdrive and a circumspect writer reveals that the strength of the human connection creates a monument as strong as any work man can craft. Funny, bewildering and crystal clear, MONUMENT is a snapshot of our yearning to understand and be understood — to do right by each other and to be right with ourselves.
Like White on Rice: A 10-minute play written entirely in clichés, it uses everything from worn-out pick-up lines to threadbare quotations from sources as wide-ranging as Alcoholics Anonymous and Shakespeare to establish a fleeting romantic triangle between a young woman in a bar and two men competing to pick her up.
Our Place: Almost every couple has that special restaurant, bar, hotel, cabin-in-the-woods or even an open field that they think of as ‘our place’. Throughout their long years together, Vince and Christine’s place has been their unostentatious neighborhood restaurant with its friendly faces and good comfort food served in familiar surroundings. But now, Vince’s mind has begun to fail and it seems Christine must remember for two. Can a return visit awaken Vince to all that binds them together?
Wilderness: Killer rabbits in the suburbs must be stopped! In this bittersweet and poignant comedy, recently widowed Spencer faces the lawnmower police and wrath of her neighbors when she decides to let nature take its course with her yard. Just where does the reach of your arm end and the beginning of your neighbor’s nose begin?
Replay: Every night at 4:30 a.m., Josh awakens to find Lee silently watching and waiting for another chance to replay how a promising relationship ended stillborn in pride, misunderstanding and miscommunication. As the play unfolds, we come to question if Lee’s visits are real or if they are only replaying in Josh’s head. Replay is about the journey from regret and remorse to redemption in our shared struggle to connect to another human being before it’s too late.
Off the Grid: Catherine has a good job, money, food, clothes and a roof over her head; she can take care of herself and can’t imagine it being otherwise. Maddie, who had a job, a house, a car, and a cat, is homeless; her job and her money are gone and she knows all too well how easy it is to end up on the street. She sits quietly at the entrance to a metro station in Washington, D.C. seeking spare change and is invisible to most who pass by on their way into or out of the station, including Catherine – until one day… Off the Grid addresses living without a net in America and our responsibility to one another.
Making Time: Making Time portrays our inability to face, even name, anything uncomfortable and how perception expressed through language is everything — and that has little to do the truth. And yet, it’s through language that we try to connect. The play is about establishing that connection whether you want to or not.
The Last Ten: Nuclear Missiles have been launched and there are only ten minutes left before they hit! How much living can you do in ten minutes? While Peggy is sanguine about their approaching doom, George desperately tries make their final moments together count. Will they find a shared peace before it’s too late? In a funny yet piquant journey of love and understanding, Peggy and George learn what really matters as they face their final challenge together.
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Blood Countess
October 22 – November 6
The Strand Theater
The life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory- the historical noblewoman accused of bathing in young girl’s blood so she could live forever young becomes a supernatural tale both creepy and creepily funny in the hands of the playwright of Kelleen Conway Blanchard.This fictional account follows the countess from her happy marriage to the fierce warrior Ferenc to her conviction and death bricked up within the walls of her castle. Landing solidly on the dark side of dark comedy, Blood Countess still employs plenty of Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s trademark humor and linguistic gymnastics. This historical horror story is filled with dead birds, headless soldiers, eel pies, and pailfuls of blood.
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Monster World: Zoo Quest
October 28th & 29th
Baltimore Rock Opera Society at The Maryland Zoo
Join the Baltimore Rock Opera Society for Monster World: Zoo Quest! A new interactive Halloween theater experience at The Maryland Zoo. Follow our guides on foot and by shuttle into the gloomy jungle to experience the horrifying monstrosities from BROS past in their natural habitats such as the grotesque Wooly Bully, the majestic Hippogriff, and the deadly Nog Tree on an immersive tour, but monsters come in many forms, and there are other dangers in the deep jungle. We’ll bring these monsters out into the light with something they can’t resist: an excellent Halloween party! From 5PM – 10PM all attendees will get to rage at The Waterfowl Pavilion and enjoy drinks, carnival games, a costume contest, and photobooth all overseen by our host and DJ Landis Expandis. Rounding out the night will be a live concert from two excellent local bands! Our expeditions into the wild will take place throughout the evening in small groups of 10-14 people. Each trip will leave from and return to the party and involve a walking portion and a trip on the Maryland Zoo shuttle and take approximately 40 minutes. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the weirdest creatures on Earth! To accommodate all adventurers, we are offering several ticketing options, including a VIP ticket upgrade that includes access to a special lounge area and exclusive swag bag: Full Zoo Quest Experience (party + expedition + 2 drink tickets): $60; VIP Upgrade (party + expedition + 2 drink tickets + goodie bag and access to VIP area): $15; Party Only (access to party + 1 drink ticket, but no quest): $25.
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October 28 – November 7
Baltimore Theatre Project
Brouhaha: A state of social agitation when a minor incident gets out of control. Typically, it is marked by controversy and fuss that can seem, afterwards, irrational. BrouHaHa is a comedic, existential escapade inspired by images of refugees fleeing on foot, Edwardian workers, cinematic treasures like Fellini’s La Strada and Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, and the dark comedy of Samuel Beckett. In this devised, clown-esque piece, Happenstance Theater’s troupe of eccentrics walks the precipice at the end of the world. Their play lights up the darkness like a firecracker.
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 30 at 9PM
Center Stage Theater
Are you shivering with antici…..pation? It’s time to rocket back to 1975 with an interactive movie night of the timeless cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We’re teaming up with Creative Alliance for this one-night-only spectacular featuring live performers, a costume contest and a whole lot of fishnet.
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The Nevermore Haunt 2021
October 1 – October 31
The Nevermore Haunt
Bizarre creatures, terrifying visions of the past and heart pounding horrors torment visitors brave enough to enter. Historically themed and extraordinarily scary, The Nevermore Haunt is unlike any haunted house you’ve ever seen! Featuring Sideshow performances including magic, strongman and fortune tellers, free on-site parking, concession and outdoor bar.
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– Lindsey

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