Vacation: A Boston Food Photo Essay

Are you surprised that I took a vacation that was basically all about going somewhere and eating ALLOFTHEFOOD.  You shouldn’t be.  I saw some historical touristy things too but you don’t care about that.  So here are the food pictures!

We arrived in Boston and ventured up to Cambridge for brunch at Alden & Harlow.  The Secret Burger lived up to the hype and the Hickory Smoked Pigs’ Tails were delicious.  The maple glaze mixed with the egg yolk and cheese grits, YUM!

For our first night in Boston we went to dinner at L’Espalier.  We splurged and did the Chef’s Summer Degustation menu with wine pairings.  It was exquisite; such a treat.  The East Coast halibut with Florida sweet corn, chanterelles and lime was by far the highlight of our trip.

Our first morning in Boston we wandered the Freedom Trail and stumbled upon Theo’s Cozy Corner Restaurant in North Boston aka Little Italy. I have no pictures of the food.  It was great though.  Very old school Italian family run, cash only.


We went on a lunch adventure and stopped at B & G Oysters for a Maine Lobster Roll with french fries, and bread & butter pickles.  Loved that fresh lobster!

On the advise of a former Bostonian we had dinner at Top of the Hub.  It’s definitely a must do when you visit Boston, just for the view alone.  You can skip dinner and go to the observation deck on the floor below though.

We went on a dinner adventure to Cambridge and ate at Cafe Artscience.  This restaurant receives the highest score from me for overall experience.  The food was creative and delicious, the interior and and ambiance were spectacular, and the drinks amazing.  The staff was also great and I cannot emphasize enough the skills of the bartender. I could do a whole review on this place but since its not a Baltimore restaurant I won’t.  Let me just say that if you ever find yourself in Boston, get over to Cafe Artscience.

Another touristy thing to do is visit Mike’s Pastry.  We had never heard of it but we kept seeing people carrying around their little boxes so we queried the Googles went on an adventure.  Cannolis for breakfast!

On the advice of another Boston local we ventured over to Boston Burger Company.  They have been featured on several shows and won a lot of awards.  I ordered the Mac Attack burger because if its good enough for Guy Fieri then its good enough for me.  He knows his stuff.

Our last night in Boston, sad!  We ventured to Bistro du Midi which overlooks the Boston Public Gardens.  The way the food was presented was just beautiful.  They asked us if we were celebrating anything and we said, “life”.  So they gave us the Carpe Diem on our dessert.  This was our first time having soufflé and it will not be the last.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Baltimore food and fun adventures…..

– Lindsey

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