My Favorite Bar: Bookmakers Cocktail Club

Although they have only been open for two years this month, Bookmakers Cocktail Club has already racked up a handful of local awards and numerous mentions in the national media. There is a reason Bookmakers won the Baltimore Magazine “Best Of” award for Best Bar Program as well as Best Bar scene in their 2016 Readers’ Poll.  Bookmakers makes the best cocktails, hands down.  Their beverage program is on fire under the command of their Beverage Director, Ryan Sparks.  If you a looking for a creative and delicious cocktail, Bookmakers is the place to go.  Also, their food program under Chef Nelson Morton is the perfect accoutrement to their beverages.

And now, the food and drink photo essay…..

Bookmakers satisfies both mine and my husband’s needs.  I love me a tasty cocktail and he wants to drink ALLOFTHEWHISKEY.  As you can see from the photos, I’m a fan all of the Bee drinks.  They also make an excellent Mule, but unfortunately some JERKS stole all of their copper mugs.  Really, people?  So they call it the Cross Street Highball now and serve it in a glass, sad.  They recently started doing a Whiskey Wednesday promotion.  You can go in and get 50% off most of their whiskeys on the rocks or neat.  It’s an excellent way to try something new.

I’ve been coming here since they opened so I’ve gotten to taste the products of several different chefs.  I’m a big fan of what Chef Nelson is doing.  The Cheeseburger Deviled Eggs are probably one of my favorite dishes to eat in Baltimore.  Mr. Meat and Potatoes is obsessed with the Picnic Chicken and somehow manages to eat the ENTIRE dish which consists of a fried chicken breast and leg, grilled watermelon, corn on the cob, young potato salad, a house biscuit with warm peach jam, and roasted red pepper hot sauce. It is a ton of food!  Another of my favorite dishes is Bookies Burger.  It’s a perfectly cooked, juicy burger with american cheese, smoked tomato & onion, red leaf lettuce, and chef’s sauce. The chef creates only 15 burgers each day beginning at 5:00pm.  They come out with little numbered flags.  I’ve gotten #1 several times, makes you feel special.

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