2020 Outdoor Dining in Baltimore

Hi friends! Long time no blog, but times have been tough. I know it’s starting to get colder outside but that means its even more important to support our local Baltimore restaurant scene. I’m going to make this short and sweet. These are my top 10 outdoor dining recommendations for Baltimore (in no particular order)!

They have limited first come, first served uncovered outdoor seating. You can call ahead to see if they have an thing outdoor available. They have indoor seating, which they take reservations for. They are also offering delivery to a limited area. I highly recommend every menu item but the Housemade Ricotto is my favorite. The Mushroom Stew is also perfect for a cool night.

Lots of covered outdoor seating and space heaters for individual tables. Taking reservations for indoor and outdoor seating. Everything at Orto is delicious but I recommend the Lamb Bolognese Cavatelli to keep you warm!

Recently renovated and reopened with a new concept! Has a limited number of outdoor (some covered) tables in their courtyard. Reservations can be for indoor and outdoor dining. Warm up with their Mock Turtle Soup 2020 or the Dry Aged Cheeseburger!

Dutch Courage
Outdoor seating only with TONS of it. Seating is available covered or uncovered. You can make a reservation for their outdoor seating. Warm your soul with the best cocktails in Baltimore and then fill your tummy with the Fermented Onion Dip!

Sally O’s
A good amount of outdoor seating, pretty much all under cover. They do take walk-ups but they book up fast so I recommend a reservation. You MUST order the Scallion Pancake! Good luck deciding between the Highlandtown Smash Burger and The Chicken Sandwich, they are both delicious!

They are offering order ahead online with pick-up, limited delivery, or table service (some covered) outdoors. To eat outdoors, just order your food ahead of time online and show up to eat outside at your pickup time. Don’t forget to order to-go cocktails to pair with your meal! The pizzas are all great but my favorites is the Bianchi. Also, this is totally a great spot to enjoy the cheeseburger or chicken sandwich!

Plenty of outdoor seating (some covered) with waterfront views and heaters to keep you warm. Make a reservation for indoor and outdoor dining. Charleston is keeping with their coursed out menu. I recommend whatever Tartare they are currently offering and the Sweetbreads! Also, their pasta is always delicious and a work of art.

La Cuchara
Has gone above and beyond with their outdoor seating. They have a HUGE covered patio with heaters as well as more uncovered seating out in the parking lot. I recommend a reservation. No indoor seating at this time. Everything at La Cuchara is yummy and the portions allow you to order and try lots of things. Don’t sleep on their Patatas Bravas if you want to warm your soul.

The Helmand
They have a limited number of partially covered outdoor seating along Charles Street. Make a reservation ahead of time and specify that you want outdoor seating. They are also offering indoor seating. Order the Yogurt/Pumpkin appetizer and then warm yourself up with the Aushak.

True Chesapeake Oyster Co.
This is another location that has greatly expanded their covered outdoor seating. They have a lot of it! Make a reservation for indoor or outdoor seating. This is breaking a cardinal sin of seafood dining, but you must get the Chicken Fried Steak. Make sure you try the Blue Crab Mac & Cheese too.

Thanks for coming to my quickly thrown together TedTalk. I’ll be back next week to talk about my favorite places in Baltimore for delivery or carry out.


– Lindsey

One thought on “2020 Outdoor Dining in Baltimore

  1. T says:

    I hope you come back to make blog posts again one day. I imagine you’ve moved on to instagram or facebook but I really loved the format of these on multiple points (The classic blog format of wordpress, more ethical than the big social media corporations nowadays, easy to access links anywhere vs having to log into a FB account) My husband and I used your website for a solid two and a half years to figure out what we were doing on the weekends, and we’ve found some great, amazing events through you we otherwise would never had known about. If you don’t ever come back, I will truly miss it but I also understand, and thank you for being such a great resource over the years. Once COVID restrictions truly end we’ll be at a loss as to what to do during the week!


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